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El primer genocidio de la historia

Siglo XIII. Genghis Khan conquista los terrenos de la dinastía Xia, en China. Entonces les pide ayuda para conquistar Irán.

La historia:


The Xia refusing to help Genghis Khan conquer Iran. Xia had been subjugated in 1210, but when the mongols requested military assistance in the conquest of eastern Iran just 10 years later in 1220, they refused and Genghis Khan swore vengeance. From Wikipedia:

The destruction of Western Xia during the second campaign was near total. According to John Man, Western Xia is little known to anyone other than experts in the field precisely because of Genghis Khan’s policy calling for their complete eradication. He states that “There is a case to be made that this was the first ever recorded example of attempted genocide. It was certainly very successful ethnocide.”

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